Hotel Palacio de Sal

Palacio del Sal is one of the most extreme hotels and the first salt hotel in the world.

It located near Colchani, just 25 km from Uyuni in Bolivia, on the banks of the majestic Salar de Uyuni.

Hotel Palacio de Sal

Its uniqueness arises from fact that is entirely build from salt. Floors, roofs, walls, furniture, sculptures and everything in between are made of salt.

A hotel in harmony with nature and its surrounding scenery will let enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable stay with all the comforts expected from a modern hotel.

Palacio de Sal

The palace has 30 rooms (21 twin bedrooms and 9 double bedrooms) that share a resemblance to igloos made from salt and have their own private bathroom, hot and cold water and central heating and/or electric heaters.

The hotel has its own restaurant, “El Mesón”, a Bar, a game room, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a viewing deck with a stunning 360 degree view, as well as a boutique offering various textile products.

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